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Fully sealed Bed and Chair Sensor Pad resist water and bodily fluids, easy to completely clean and infection control, Long life time Pad design for long term care.


These weight-sensitive pressure pads are for Fall monitor use.  When connected to a fall/mobility monitor, the pressure pad will trigger the monitor when weight is removed from the pressure pad. These weight-sensitive pressure pads can be used on a variety of beds, chairs and wheelchairs.

Wireless Fully sealed Bed and Chair Sensor Pad alarm provide Quiet & comfortable Wireless Fall monitoring, Remove room noise – No Cords, No Noise



• Fully sealed Pads can be clean with antibacterial cleaners and wash in water.

• Fully sealed Pads work universally with most major manufacturers alarm monitors.

• Pad thickness is 0.8mm, only 1/7 thickness of current Standard sensor padMore comfortable for resident

• 2-Fold type is available. It can be folded on the crease for storage and transportation.

• Wireless type fully sealed Bed Sensor Pad is available. It can be used with wireless monitor, wireless door light, wireless nurse call receiver, pager to configure a quite fall monitoring system.

• All pads are constructed with durable vinyl cover, latex free, Anti-Microbial, Fire Retardant,

• Water and bodily fluids resistance, prevent damage due to incontinent episodes and clean fluids.

• OEM with your private label is available

• Reliable & Durable and Least expensive

• Quality standard confirm to UL60601, FCC, CE, ROHS Certifications: FDA Class 1, 510K exempts,

• ISO 9000 & ISO 13485 factory manufacture.




Thin Bed Sensor Pad



 2-Fold type


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